Synctag Policy

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Security and Privacy


Are there ads in Synctag?

No, unlike consumer Facebook, Twitter & we don’t show ads in Synctag. Any information shared on Synctag belongs to the customer & the social networks they use.

Is there a risk that that someone might share something personal from their Facebook account, on their Synctag account?

Nothing from your Synctag account is different from your personal Facebook feed, and vice versa. Synctag is an aggregated platform to use all your social networking profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. This distinction is supported by clear design so you can easily identify whether you are posting in your Facebook account or Twitter account.

Who owns and controls the information I create?

The data you put into Synctag belongs to your social network and they control it. You and your administrators can modify, delete, or export it at any time via a Synctag account. We do take the required data for analytics with the user permission and we use it to improve & to show them how to monetize the social media.

Where are your data centres located?

We currently have hosted the data in Microsoft Azure Cloud.


How does Synctag keep my information secure?

Ensuring the security of information on Synctag is at the core of how we build products and operate our company. Security is built into every module of the product. From transport layer protocols to machine learning for threat detection, Synctag’s network is protected by a combination of advanced automated systems, best in class encryption standards, and dedicated security teams.

The security of our service is regularly evaluated and tested by our own internal security experts and independent third parties including full source code reviews and penetration tests. We happily share these reports and results upon request.

We also know that every enterprise needs visibility and control over services that connect to their own networks. That’s why we give you control to manage the security settings and policies for your Synctag account.

Physical access to Synctag data centres and offices is restricted to authorized individuals. We own or directly lease all of our facilities so we have end-to-end control over the grounds, the buildings, the servers, the operations, and maintenance for each centre.

Do you have enterprise-grade security?

Yes. Security is built into every module of Synctag. We have dedicated security team, and robust third party audited frameworks and processes that are designed with the sole purpose of keeping your data secure. Our unique position on the internet gives us visibility into the latest emerging threats, and provides us the ability to block attacks against your Synctag account in real time. Additionally, Synctag has been designed to integrate into your company’s existing identity management (company information verification) and access systems, giving you full control over access to your data, using open standards that are common to most enterprise software vendors.

How does Synctag respond to government or law enforcement requests for information and data about my company or employees?

Unless legally prohibited, Synctag will direct law enforcement requests to you so you can decide whether to produce the requested information or oppose the request.

What SLAs does Workplace provide?

Support Hours of Operation: 5 days a week/12 hours a day

Response Time: Within 48 hours or 2 business days