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Social Media Management

Most Social Media Brands start from an idea and build their online presence. But it takes a lot of effort and commitment to make your Social Brand work for you. And that's exactly where we chip in.

Sign up for our Aggregation Pro Model and add up your Social Accounts. Set up your product demo and take up a Branding Package with our experts and Voila, you are all set!

For Agencies

The most crucial question every agency has to answer is the effectiveness of Social Media and the return on investment for their clients.

With Synctag's Audience Management: Get fans who matter and are in sync with your Brands, create effective & real content to impress and connect with them, target only the right audience and capture relevant leads resulting in improved Brand Equity.

For Small Businesses

Small businesses need to effectively reach out their customers and fans in the most efficient way possible for better sales and customer relationship to happen. Well, Social Media helps in doing so but are you doing it the right way?

Are you spending your precious money to reach people who may never use your products/services?

So it is not only important to reach your customers but it is doubly more important to reach those who matter and not every Tom, Dick, and Harry!

For Enterprises

Enterprises usually face problem in terms of managing their reputation. One slip up and the trolls rule the day! But to find that single slip up across your Gigantic Social Brand takes time. Or there can be negative comments pouring in 100s for your content and you might not be aware of it as the responses usually would be so huge in number that finding a negative comment would be equivalent to finding a needle in a hay stack.

By using Synctag's Negativity listening feature, enterprises can manage and respond back to every problem at the earliest possible time frame.


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